WildSphere Confirms OXIDE Room 208 Is Currently Under Development

The independent studio WildSphere confirms they have started the development of OXIDE Room 208. This new installment will go deeply into the happenings that took place at the Night Soul Motel from the point of view of two new characters, Katherine and Josh, protagonists of this macabre story. The team is currently working on the development of the videogame, that is expected to arrive during the next year 2023.

The title is being developed using the latest technologies available for Unreal Engine 5 and will feature digitalized real actors to achieve images of increased realism and rawness. For the moment, Sergi Carles (a.k.a. @todojingles) is already confirmed as Doc. This well-known voice-over actor will be the one that will personally hunt us and torment us in this new terrifying installment.

OXIDE Room 208 – Development has begun!

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