Sunday Gold

Sunday Gold is a point-and-click turn-based adventure game that was developed by BKOM Studios. It was released on Steam on the 13th of October 2022, and was published by Team17. The game is set in a dystopian future and in it you will play as a trio of criminals.

These criminals are set to expose the secrets of an evil corporation and the billionaire behind it. Sunday Gold offers a hybrid gameplay set up with escape room type puzzles, turn-based combat and RPG mechanics, and is connected together through a cinematic storyline.

The game is set in the city of London, which is in a dark state – unemployment and homelessness are at an all-time high. A billionaire named Kenny Hogan is the one who the trio will try to expose, and this trio in comprised of Frank, Sally and Gavin.

You will be put in a graphic world that is narrated by voice-acted characters. For you to experience are beautiful hand-drawn environments, 2D cinematic sequences, and comic-book inspired happenings combined with various cliff hanging moments that will keep you engaged in the game.

Exploring rooms and solving observational puzzles with the help of deduction will be a must, as you will need to solve them to be able to progress with your mission. You will be on the look out for numerous clues, and will have to complete mini-games that will be unique to each of the three characters.

The turn-based gameplay that Sunday Gold incorporates is well done and in it you will face encounters with the baddies in RPG-styled battles. Every team member has a unique set of skills with own strengths and weaknesses. Because of that you will need to carefully plan your moves and strategically overcome your enemies.

Its hybrid gameplay with solving puzzles, turn-based combat, RPG team management and exploration is really very well done. The characters are also interesting and they build-up as you progress through the game. Game’s setting in dark London fits Sunday Gold perfectly, and the progression itself is full of unique things you will encounter and unlock.

Sunday Gold with its linear content does not really offer almost any replay value, however. With that said, you get plenty of hours of gameplay for your buck and is totally worth your money.

Lastly, Sunday Gold is meant to be played by mature gamers, as it features a lot of violence, constant swearing, experimentations on living beings, and scenes full of blood and dismembered body parts.

Sunday Gold is available on Steam for 21,99 EUR.

Sunday Gold | Launch Trailer

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85 %
Review Summary Title Sunday Gold is a pretty unique game that offers a lot of, and also great on top of everything, content for its value. All three characters serve unique experiences, and the game’s hybrid of different genres is pretty outstandingly made.
Overall Rating - 85 %