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Motorsport Games Announces Content Update for rFactor 2

Motorsport Games Inc. (NASDAQ: MSGM) (“Motorsport Games”), a leading racing game developer, publisher and esports ecosystem provider of official motorsport racing series throughout the world, announced today a content update to rFactor 2, one of the most authentic sim racing platforms available to racers around the world.

This quarter’s content update contains new cars for users to experience behind the wheel. Following the partnership between the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), Motorsport Games and Studio 397, a fifth real world car will be part of the roster – the BMW 330i M Sport NGTC BTCC (trailer here). The rear- wheel drive car – developed by West Surrey Racing – marks the manufacturer’s official entry into the BTCC. Further, the Vanwall Vandervell LMH (trailer here) will be added, built to Le Mans Hypercar specifications and created with data derived from the real car and the same engineering team.

New tracks will be added into the platform as well, all of which mark the first time any of them have been laser (LIDAR) scanned into a commercially available product. British circuits Thruxton (Hampshire) and Croft (North Yorkshire) have been laser-scanned into rFactor 2, alongside the ExCeL London Circuit, featuring an innovative indoor/outdoor layout. Adding to the British circuits, the Bahrain International Circuit will make its debut in rFactor 2 and will feature a full day/night cycle and four distinct track layouts. More information about each track can be found here:

  • Thruxton – The fastest circuit in the United Kingdom, home to the daunting Church Corner. Founded in 1968, it is used by leading real-world national motorsport championships. This year, the BTCC visited the circuit twice and it will return in 2023, June 3rd and 4th. It first held a round at the venue 43 years ago. Trailer found here:
  • Croft Circuit – The only permanent national-level circuit in the Northeast of England. It is known for its mix of high-speed curves and a tight final sector, culminating in one of the slowest corners in UK motorsport – in direct contrast to Thruxton. Trailer found here:
  • ExCeL London Circuit – First created and used by Formula E in 2021, the world-first venue in London mixes tight hairpins and narrow confines within an indoor section. It debuted virtually during the Formula E: Accelerate esports competition in July 2022, won by Frede Rasmussen. Trailer found here:
  • Bahrain International Circuit – The venue used for series such as Formula 1 and the FIA World Endurance Series made its rFactor 2 debut within the opening 2022-23 Le Mans Virtual Series round in September 2022, won by Floyd Vanwall-Burst (LMP) and Oracle Red Bull Racing (GTE). Four layouts are included: Grand Prix, Endurance, Outer and Paddock. Trailer found here:

“As rFactor 2 continues to expand and define what top simulation platforms should look like, we are excited for our fans to get behind the wheel and race with new cars and on new tracks with this update,” said Zach Griffin, Director of Technology at Motorsport Games. “Through our partnership with the BTCC and by being the official esports partner of Formula E, as well as rFactor 2 being the official simulation platform of Formula E, we are able to bring to life the elements of real-world racing into the simulation and provide an authentic experience for all. The new laser-scanned tracks, the first time they have been implemented into a product to this scale, also marks a new chapter for sim racing and we are proud to be at the forefront of this innovation.”

Several quality-of-life updates to rFactor 2 will be launching today as well, including:

  • Thoroughly revised AI performance (smoother and more naturalistic).
  • Track limit system updates.
  • Increased virtual reality (VR) exposure.
  • User interface tweaks (increased navigation speed).
  • Increased package installation speed.
  • Headlight pulse option.

The new content and changes follow the addition of a native in-game store, which removed the need to exit the platform, showcasing bundle offers and previously purchased content which was implemented in October 2022.

Fans have already gotten a taste of the latest BTCC content to be added at the four race activations this year (Snetterton, Thruxton, Silverstone National and Brands Hatch GP). The latest car and track additions to rFactor 2 bring the totals to six layouts and five car types respectively from the BTCC represented in the simulation, including the two Brands Hatch layouts.

The pricing breakdown for the newly released content is as follows:

  • Q4 pack: approximate price = €27.99 (31.5% Off)
    • Includes: BMW 330i M Sport BTCC, Vanwall Vandervell LMH, Bahrain International Circuit, Croft Circuit, Thruxton Circuit, ExCeL London Circuit 
  • British Track Pack: approximate price = €19.99 (37.5% off)
    • Croft Circuit, Brands Hatch, Donington Park, Thruxton Circuit
  • Individual Items
    • Vanwall Vandervell LMH – €4.99
    • BMW 330i M Sport BTCC – €4.99
    • Vauxhall Astra BTCC – €4.99
    • Croft Circuit – €6.99
    • Thruxton Circuit – €6.99
    • ExCeL London Circuit – €7.99
    • Bahrain International Circuit – €8.99

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