Eastern-Themed Strategy City-Builder Ballads of Hongye Officially Launches on Steam Tomorrow

On the day before its official release, Ballads of Hongye announces the price, grand edition and discount information. A heartwarming Pre-launch Concept Trailer is also shared by the development team.

Pre-launch Concept Trailer | Ballads of Hongye | Ancient China | City-builder | Release on Nov 15

Ballads of Hongye can be purchased for $9.99 on Steam, or its Grand Edition for $14.99. Grand Edition includes the base game, exclusive buildings, a legendary adviser, rich in-game resources & items and an original soundtrack. The producer also revealed that there will be 15% discount until the end of Autumn Sale. Enthusiasts for City builder genre and fans of Ballads of Hongye, do not miss this chance.

About the Game
Ballads of Hongye is a unique city-builder strategy game. As the local magistrate, you must carefully plan and act to complete the various challenges in different environments to earn the right to rule the lands. Build a thriving city and revive Hongye County as you discover a unique story.

Visit the Steam page to wishlist Ballads of Hongye, and get more information on the game.

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