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Beneath Oresa

Beneath Oresa is a fighting roguelike deckbuilder that is in development by Broken Spear Inc. It is in Early Access on Steam since the 3rd of November 2022 and it will stay there for up to six to eight months before the final release.

Developers state that the game is already fully playable with one faction, but they want to also include other factions, characters and cardpools while getting the feedback from the players that try the game out.

The full version release will, as said, include additional factions, characters, card sets and other features that will enhance the gameplay. In its current state you can already play Beneath Oresa from start to finish, and it also features great replayability options being it a roguelike game. You can also enjoy many combinations of the characters that are currently available.

Its gameplay, being a fighting roguelike deckbuilding game, is multilayered. Firstly you need to choose your cards, upgrades and artefacts as a strategist, and secondly, as a fighter, you need to keep the distance from your enemies, attack them at the right time and overrun them knowing their positioning.

There are multiple heroes with unique abilities available, you can partake in daily missions, and dive deep beneath Oresa with the combination of roguelike elements and tactical strategy. Every time you will head into a new game, you will choose a second hero that will accompany you. Each of them brings eight unique powers, and there are dozens of possible duos you can combine and develop your own play style. Your position on the battlefield will be of great importance as you will need to line up enemies for super attacks, move around to avoid being hit or position your foes so that they will hit each other.

Beneath Oresa’s graphics are quite stunning with great art direction. It plays very well and is a deckbuilder that is filled with intense action. The sounds complement the game in a great way as well. We are totally looking forward to seeing what the full release will bring to the table.

You can grab Beneath Oresa on Steam for 24,50 EUR and better grab it quick, since the price will be increased after its Early Access period to reflect the new content added.

Beneath Oresa – Early Access – Release Trailer

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81 %
Review Summary Title In conclusion, Beneath Oresa plays and looks pretty great. It is not the cheapest game out there, so make sure you buy it before its price increases further.
Overall Rating - 81 %