41 Hours

41 Hours is a first-person shooter that was developed by Texelworks. It was published on Steam by ValkyrieInitiative on the 21st of May 2021, and it arrived to the PlayStation consoles on the 19th of October this year, being published by eastasiasoft.

In the game you will take on the role of Ethan, a scientist and field combatant that is searching for his lost wife. You are accompanied by a mysterious woman that possesses super-human powers. 41 Hours’ story develops over eleven chapters that offer around twenty hours of gameplay. During it, you will master various devices that will enhance you with super-human abilities, like telekinesis, time manipulation and cloaking.

Along the way through the chapters you will use portals for your teleportation through space-time continuum, head into extraterrestrial environments, encounter waves of robots and alien-manipulated zombies, and solve puzzles. Game’s narrative is told through voiced dialogues, illustrated cutscenes and various combat scenarios.

This game has a lot of potential to be good, but it is just not. The textures and graphics in general are pretty poor, and the movement of your character is not fluid either. And so is not the movement of the enemies. 41 Hours is not well designed as the enemies just appear from nowhere and are in pretty great numbers.

It seems like nothing works with this game, finishing off the enemies should bring some sort of satisfaction but it just does not. The puzzles are also not a highpoint as they can get quite boring due to their repetitiveness. There are also not a lot of different guns to use, so it lacks content in that department as well.

We cannot recommend 41 Hours under no circumstances, as you can get better first-person shooters and other games in general for this amount of money.

You can buy 41 Hours on Steam for 14,99 EUR or on the PlayStation Store as a PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4 bundle for 19,99 EUR. Although we do not recommend spending your money on this title. At all.

Review Overview

45 %
Review Summary Title 41 Hours has potential to be good but it is far from reaching that potential. It falls short on almost every level and is just not fun to play at all.
Overall Rating - 45 %