Mobile games developer and publisher Nordcurrent today open the first full chapter in the Murder By Choice hidden object adventure. Armed with a branching story and packed with twists and turns, the free-to-play title puts players in the shoes of journalist-turned-detective Carla Page. As the young sleuth, players must follow a trail of clues to solve a murder on a remote tropical island where a raging storm has left them stranded.

The  adventure begins when Murder By Choice protagonist, the journalist Carla Page, receives an unexpected invitation from charismatic Chilean billionaire Ruben Navarro to attend his lavish party on a private island. However, whilst Carla has planned an appointment to enjoy the celebrations, someone else has an appointment with death! A shocking murder throws everyone’s plans into the air, made even worse by the arrival of a raging tropical storm preventing the guests – and the killer – from leaving the island.

In Murder By Choice, a variety of mini-games and puzzles across the island ensure players keep their wits at all times. Players must don their detective hat and speak to the other guests in order to narrow down the list of suspects through numerous interactions and dialogue choices. Each selection the player makes as Carla will have an impact on the story as it progresses. The results of some decisions are more obvious than others, but every choice will shape how the story unfolds in this immersive whodunnit.


  • Branching story with impactful choices – make your decisions carefully!
  • Puzzles and mini-games to keep you thinking.
  • Investigate interactive crime scenes to discover vital clues.
  • Find hidden collectibles on a treasure hunt across the island.
  • Plot twists around every corner on an emotional roller coaster filled with passion, surprise, and murder!

Making games about mystery and murder is easy for Nordcurrent, with the team having been recognised for its first hidden object title Murder in the Alps. It was downloaded by over 20 million players and won multiple awards including being named Best Casual Game 2018 by Google Play. Murder in the Alps was also nominated for Best Narrative and Best Mobile Game at 2019’s Central & Eastern European Game Awards (CEEGA).

The first chapter in the Murder By Choice mystery is available now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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