It’s time to fulfill the prophecy and save Panilla! After a hugely successful launch in Asia, the famed idle RPG Panilla Saga is making its Western debut on the Apple App and Google Play stores. Even the busiest of gamers will be able to kick back and enjoy the JRPG-inspired adventure.

Players can decide how hands-on they want to be in their adventure, with unique gameplay that can last for hours or quick intermittent log-ins throughout the day. Panilla Saga has captured the hearts of millions of players with its retro-style fantasy world that one can quickly get lost in with its immersive storytelling. Ujoygames is thrilled to bring the game to even more fans worldwide. Officially launching on October 26, Panilla Saga will be open for pre-downloads on October 25 at 12:00 AM (UTC-7). The servers are set to open on October 26 at 1:00 (UTC-7).

Trailer | Panilla Saga: Epic Adventure | Retro Real-idle RPG

Panilla Saga is an interactive game where players must go on an epic adventure to fulfill a prophecy and save their homeland. Blending beautiful retro-style RPG elements with engaging strategic gameplay, the key to victory is strategically putting together a team of five heroes, each with a robust skill set and armor. Players must think about the heroes they have in their party, their weapons, and where they place them in their lineup for battle. With each battle won, heroes will allow players to create new combat strategies for their team. 

Six different factions and a plethora of lore make up the dozens of heroes available to obtain, each with its own strength and weaknesses. Players can develop a stronger affinity with heroes, helping them in future battles. There are also different minigames to participate in, such as bounty missions. These missions tap into the idle aspect of the game, where players will send their heroes out on a mission and come back later with rewards. Other games will give players a more hands-on approach by actively battling computer AI to gain rewards. 

Faction Display of Panilla Saga

All players will be able to receive the following pre-registration rewards until the end of the month to help get them started in their quest to save Panilla.

  • Players can get Gold Summon Voucher x 100 in total by completing some tasks during the first week
  • SSR Aurthur
  • 10 Gold Summon Voucher
  • 500 Diamonds
  • 60 Silver Hero Card
  • 1,000,000 Coins

There will also be several events taking place over the next few weeks in Panilla Saga. Players will be able to receive special summons, player skins, new equipment, and much more. From daily login events to special Halloween events, there are many ways to recruit new heroes to help save Panilla.

Features Include:

  • JRPG Aesthetic: Panilla Saga shines with a retro-style aesthetic that is portrayed in the colorful backgrounds throughout the game, character portraits, and more! 
  • Abundant Rewards: Gain resources through automatic battle even when offline and easily access all accumulated resources through a simple tap on the screen. 
  • Diverse Gameplay: Freedom to choose from nearly 100 heroes from six different classes such as Tank, Ranger, Warrior, Support, Mage, and Fighter. 
  • Nonstop Battle System: Real-time 5v5 battle system makes every fight different and engaging.
  • Time Singular Point: Get ready for roguelike-level challenging gameplay. Different levels will raise the difficulty of battles, and reap even better rewards.
  • Tower of Time: A puzzle-solving exploration mode where each chapter has a unique plot for specific characters. Use this mode to unlock special hero skills.

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