The Most Fast-Paced and Thrilling Casual PvP Baseball!

Mobile game company, Haegin (CEO Young-il Lee), has announced a drastic rework of the game play system in their mobile casual sports showdown game “Super Baseball League”.

After receiving feedback from users about the somewhat difficult attack and defense play of “Super Baseball League”, extensive system improvements have been made to game play.

The batting system in game has been changed so that “Normal Hit” is based on tapping at the right time, and “Power Hit” requires you to control the bat to hit the ball. Defense and runner skills have also been rebalanced.

With “pitching”, the gauge has been divided so that each area has a special effect, and speed, impact, breaking balls, etc are now based on the user’s control to make “batting” into more strategic gameplay.

Furthermore, an “Auto Play” function has been added for situations when a user’s attention is taken away from the game, so that “Super Baseball League” can be played more freely anywhere, anytime.

In addition, defense and runner skills have been somewhat rebalanced, and the speed of pitching characters has been adjusted upward. The number of player cards required for training, and resources for equipping skills and leveling up have been reduced, so it is possible to develop players more quickly at a lower cost.

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