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My Time at Sandrock Early Access Is Better and Player Activity Continues to Grow

My Time at Sandrock, the sequel to the millions-plus selling title of My Time at Portia from PatheaGames, releases a new major update called Builder Bonds with more content to its early access version on Windows PC via Steam Early Access and Epic Game Store today.

At last year’s Party Animal demo, the puppy, Nemo, captured the hearts of many gamers with his cute outlook and funny movements as soon as he made his debut. In May of this year, a collaboration between “Party Animal” and “My Time at Sandrock” has been decided. Nemo appears as a guest in Sandrock and can be kept as a pet.

According to the developer, Pathea Games, they also added some other cutes pets into the game. The pet system allows players to interact, adopt, and dispatch pets. Pets can be good helpers to the player to collect and gather resources.

Aside from the updated pet system, the developers are adding even more cute romantic interactions. Hugging and kissing have been added. It will bring a much better experience to players if they are able to date an NPC lover with a sweet kiss.

There is so much more waiting for players to explore themselves, and My Time at Sandrock is scheduled for another story update around the end of November that will take the story to a new and significant stage.

My Time at Sandrock is available on Windows PC via Steam Early Access and Epic Game Store for $24.99 with English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) language support.

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