Moonscars is a non-linear 2D action adventure that was developed by Black Mermaid and published by Humble Games on the 28th of September 2022. It is available on Steam and the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles.

It is a very difficult game where dying will be a must. They say that “before you rise, you first must fall,” and it will really be like that. You will be getting better after each death and will build yourself into a great warrior through trial and error, after which you will become victorious.

You will be exploring the shadows and secrets hidden by moonlight in a vividly formed non-linear 2D realm full of desperation and despair. You will need to sharpen your skills and reflexes in a challenging combat full of action and difficulty. Slashing and parrying with you sword will be a must, but there are also unique special weapons available and Witchery to command on your way.

Moonscars is a visually satisfying and very action focused platforming adventure. It reminds of the Souls games but from a different perspective, it has great atmosphere, art direction and well done animations.

There are some bugs present in the gameplay itself, but otherwise Moonscars is a good experience, with nice, albeit (very) difficult gameplay. The combat is satisfying as well once you get a hang of it and the game performs without any major hiccups. Baddies, as in enemies and bosses, are also very creatively designed and pretty unique.

Moonscars features kind of a lot backtracking that is not very pleasant, and it straight up should not be present in such high volumes. Aside from that, it is a very beautiful game with complex combat mechanics that are not easy at all. We recommend the game to more experienced gamers out there, as it is not tailored for the genre beginners.

You can buy Moonscars on Steam or the PlayStation Store as a PS5/PS4 bundle for 19,99 EUR.

Moonscars – Launch Trailer | Humble Games

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78 %
Review Summary Title Moonscars is a satisfying 2D “Souls-like” adventure that will not cost you many of your precious real life currency. It offers a solid playthrough with its metroidvania design, and features beautiful aesthetics seasoned with a pretty difficult gameplay.
Overall Rating - 78 %