Linia Stripes, out now on iOS and Android, is the follow-up to Nexent’s highly acclaimed Linia Super, featured both by Apple (“New Games We Love”, “New and Noteworthy”, “Puzzle Perfection”) and Google (one of the 10 Play Store “Games Picks” both for March and April 2022). As can be seen from the name of the two games, Nexent is building a series of “Linia” games which, in the company’s vision, share a common spirit in terms of presentation and originality, while offering slight differences in terms of personality and gameplay.

Linia Stripes is based on the concepts of relaxing gameplay and collection of specific contents. It aims to represent a new product category that can satisfy one or more of these “needs”:

  • Play an innovative mix of board, match-3 and idle game elements.
  • Use a simple but powerful tool for collecting and creating unique wallpapers.
  • Browse and be inspired by a mesmerizing design gallery perfectly in line with the recent “generative art” trends.
  • Enjoy a relaxing yet profound experience that involves and stimulates touch, sight and hearing.

The game mechanics are very immediate but nevertheless original – find the shortest “stripes” until the board has been cleared – while the entire experience is accompanied by harmonious and relaxing sounds that follow and emphasize the player’s moves.

Each level of Linia Stripes is procedurally generated on the basis of an algorithm that makes use of the so-called “Truchet tiles“. This element gives the visual aspect of the product a very strong and distinctive character, to the point of offering the ability of creating and saving wallpapers using the same patterns on which the game is based. Users can then win and collect these patterns, shown in a very captivating gallery, and are further motivated to do so thanks to the final use in the form of stylish background images for their devices.

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