Wart’s new with Amazing Frog? Developer Fayju has announced that Amazing Frog? is coming to Android devices on November 1st! Players can dive into the game on both mobile and PC to start the mayhem and explore the ever-changing city of Swindon.

Amazing Frog? Android Announcement

Amazing Frog? is an open world sandbox game where players take control of flatulent superhero Amazing Frog? as he wreaks havoc in Swindon, UK. Frogs never know what they’re going to find when they venture out onto the streets. Proper travel is a must. Take to the skies with balloons, cannons or airplanes or stay closer to the ground with cars, four wheelers, buses and more. Grab some exercise at Fart Gyms or just have a cup of joe at Frog Milk Coffee. Players are free to choose whatever curbs their froggy desires.

This year the team over at Fayju have been hard at work updating both versions of Amazing Frog? on PC. Now, the team is dedicating that same effort to the Android version. Players can expect many of the same features they’ll find on the PC version, including different worlds, dozens of outfits, and more for the very first time!

Amazing Frog? will be available on Android devices on November 1st. You can also pick up the V2 and V3 versions of the game on Steam or the mobile version on iOS.

Key Features: 

  • Explore beautiful Swindon, UK via the eyes of the one and only Amazing Frog?
  • Discover hidden secrets around every corner of the continent.
  • Unlock dozens of interactable items.
  • Travel in a wide assortment of vehicles (and on pigs).
  • Dress Amazing Frog? in dozens of customizable outfits to fulfill his every froggy desire.
  • Hang with dangerously fun wildlife.
  • Participate in frog-induced mayhem.

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