Ndemic Creations is pleased to announce the release of the first DLC for Rebel Inc: Escalation, Sand & Secrets! If players pick it up before the 24th October, they get to keep it for free!

Including a brand new region and four new official scenarios, it’s sure to captivate and challenge anyone who dares unearth its secrets!

New Lands Await – Golden Sands!
A whole new region to stabilise, full of vast sand dunes and untapped potential… It must be kept from the Insurgents at any cost.

Oil is Money, Money is Power – Securing the Oil Fields is your top priority, they will provide you with additional funds.

Priority Targets – You’re not the only one looking to secure the oil, the Insurgency will focus on capturing the fields with alarming aggression.

Coalition Lobbyists – Use new initiatives to make better use of the Coalition Soldiers deployed in the region; their tours will be extended if protecting something important…

More Money, More Problems – A whole new series of decisions and events – choose how to split the oil profits, keep shareholders happy and maybe even encounter a very special sandworm.

From Secrets to Supercharging –  New Scenarios!

  • Shadow War – The Insurgency has gone underground, using stealth tactics and intelligence blackouts in a despicable attempt to secure the oil derricks. Can you defeat an insurgency that can’t be seen?
  • Mad Tanx – The Tank Commander has lost his mind! He’s stealing all the oil from Golden Sands to power his obscene war machines. Obliterate the Insurgency in this fast and furious world of fuel-injected turbo-charged supertanks.
  • Oil and Thunder – Golden Sands has been seized by the Insurgency and they’re threatening to set fire to the Oil if the Coalition attempts to take it back. The oil must be secured at all costs!
  • Real-Time Operation – There’s no time to explain! Can you stabilise the region when time is always moving forwards?
Rebel Inc Escalation – Sand & Secrets Trailer

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