Legends of Kingdom Rush

Legends of Kingdom Rush is a turn-based role-playing game by Ironhide Game Studio. It was released on Steam on the 14th of July 2022. It features deep tactics and bad jokes, as the developers state.

In the game you will head on a journey through the medieval fantasy world of Kingdom Rush. It is a combat RPG with roguelike elements and in it you will lead the most powerful Kingdom Rush characters.

The realm is being attacked and it is your job to lead a party of heroes and defend it. The game offers an engaging combat system comprised of six legendary heroes, Gerald Lightseeker and Asra Daggerfall are two of them. There are also twelve companion heroes that each have their own powers and skills.

The gameplay is done through a strategic grid-based combat, similar to the Heroes of Might and Magic games. On the grid you will strategically move your heroes around in best ways you can to utilize their skills in the combat. You will be changing and matching your heroes and heroes’ companions until you find the best formula for every battle.

You will also learn about the universe of Kingdom Rush with more than a hundred narrative events that will take place as you battle on your journey in forests, mountains, and wastelands. Available are also Daily Challenges in which you will compete for high places on the weekly leaderboards.

Legends of Kingdom Rush lets you control a party of three heroes that all have their own abilities and strengths. Through progressing you will unlock access to other members of the party and upgrades for your current ones. It has a quite good gameplay and if you are familiar with the Kingdom Rush series you will probably like this one.

However, it is not a tower defence game that we are used to get from this series, so do not go into it thinking it is. With the lack of variants of your enemies and tactics to be used, it also gets pretty boring, when you play it for a longer session.

To sum it up, it is fun in shorter periods and you can lighten up your mood while playing it. It has pretty good albeit simple graphics and it offers a new path for the Kingdom Rush series. Do not expect a tower defence game like the previous titles, which are a lot better than this one.

Legends of Kingdom Rush is available on Steam for 12,49 EUR.

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67 %
Review Summary Title Legends of Kingdom Rush is a somewhat decent turn-based RPG that you will enjoy in shorter sessions. You will get to know the lore a bit better, otherwise the game is not superlative in any way.
Overall Rating - 67 %