Independent development studio Act None has announced that Eldrum: Red Tide, a dark fantasy RPG, and the sequel to award-winning Eldrum: Untold is now available on iOS and Android.

Eldrum: Red Tide is about a former soldier who is searching for his family in a world ravaged by war. His brother is gone without a trace, and he sets off on a quest to find him. The answer to all his questions lies at the end of this dangerous journey.

In Eldrum: Red Tide the player’s choices and interactions have far reaching consequences in both short and long term. Loyalties will be brought to a head and blood will be spilled.

Eldrum: Red Tide flirts with old school text adventure games while adding depth to the story, modern gameplay and a state of the art user experience. It features branching narrative, character development, turn-based combat, multiple endings and it is accessible to everyone, including blind and low-vision players, on both mobile and tablet.


  • Nostalgic table-top RPG style.
  • Many secrets to discover.
  • Equip and build your character.
  • Multiple endings that vary depending on your choices throughout the story.
  • Replayability with different play styles, opening up different locations, NPCs, and gear.
  • Text based choices adventure RPG.
  • Supports both phones and tablets.
  • Accessible to blind and low-vision players.
Eldrum: Red Tide – Release Trailer

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