Cursed to Golf

Cursed to Golf is a difficult golf-like adventure that was developed by Chuhai Labs and published by Thunderful Publishing on the 18th of August. It is available on Steam and on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. You will be assigned to make it out of Golf Purgatory and become a Golfing Legend. Plenty of endangerments will stand on your way, and plenty of power-ups to be used in your favour.

A lot of people like to stamp the “difficult as Souls games” title on challenging games, and Cursed to Golf is definitely a difficult as Souls games golfing game. You will be stroking the ball through multiple platforming dungeons, trying to get out of Golf Purgatory and back to life.

Taking on the role of The Cursed Golfer will not be an easy errand. You will be trapped in Golf Purgatory after a lightning strike will get you there just as you are taking the winning shot in an international tournament. It is said that getting through multiple golf courses will get you back to life and to the trophy you almost won.

Every of the golf courses is inhabited by a Legendary Caddie that will help you with playing golf through holes and will assist you on your journey to make it out of the purgatory alive. And this roguelike take on golfing has a very interesting concept – if you will not finish the given hole on par, you will have to restart the whole course. Excuse my French, but fucking hell.

The golf courses are totally not easy either, as they, in addition to bunkers, have a lot of different obstacles you will need to get through. Those come in shapes of teleporters, spikes, fans, and TNT boxes to name a few, so getting a par will not be an easy task at all.

Holes are randomly-ordered and played in four different biomes. You will have to journey through these dungeon-like holes and the game has more than seventy of them. Cursed to Golf is designed with an appealing pixel art direction that looks pretty good and is very suitable for this kind of a game. The graphics are accompanied by a kicking soundtrack as well, so you will have all of your senses tingling with joy.

In conclusion, Cursed to Golf is a straightforward game that produces a lot of fun playing, and it is damn close to becoming addicting. Seventy different holes provide a lot of replay value, especially with its difficulty curve that will make you fail, but you will want to get back to it as soon as possible. Nice pixelated graphics, great animations and an outstanding soundtrack will make that a whole lot easier, too.

You can buy Cursed to Golf on Steam where it will cost you 19,99 EUR, the same price that you will pay for a PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4 bundle on the PlayStation Store.

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Review Summary Title Cursed to Golf is an interesting golf game and a very good indie game in general. Travel through eighteen holes to come back to life seems like a good deal, but is definitely not easy. Try for yourselves.
Overall Rating - 87 %