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Sweet Transit

Sweet Transit is an Early Access title that is being developed by Ernestas Norvaišas. It was published by Team17 in its Early Access state from the 28th of July 2022. The game is a unique city builder where trains rule the lands.

The developer thinks that early access is great for quick improvements, and that is why they decided to use the advantage of it. Involving gamers in the process of development is going to let them decide how the game is played and what new features are going to be implemented in the 1.0 release.

Ernestas is scheduling the game to be in Early Access until it is prepared to be fully released. The current release date is planned for mid-2023. The full release will include more farms, factories, city buildings, and decorations, wagons and goods. It will also include advanced factory building and three types of people. It will improve on city building, managing and interactions, plus planned are new improvements of the existing content, UI and general quality of life.

At the moment of reviewing, the game offers a full early game experience and a portion of the mid-game experience. Main gameplay is waiting for feedback and improvements, while expansion, production and logistics are at the ready. It is possible to build and expand villages to towns, construct production chains and experiment with the train navigation. Primarily the current focus is on the addition of new content, trains, structures and terrain generation. Game localisations are also in the works.

Currently, the game functions well and is totally playable. It is a mix of a city-building and a railroad tycoon game, but we think there is a lot of room for improvements on both spectrums. Although Sweet Transit features a tutorial, there are still some steps in the gameplay where you will be left on your own with how to proceed. While the current state of the game is pretty neatly done, there are, as mentioned, numerous ways left on how to expand on the game and make it more playable for the masses.

Game’s art looks pretty good and the building of the railroads is kind of fun. It is a bit harsh when it comes to economics, as you will need to take a tremendous amount of care for the resources, otherwise there will be no options left for you but to start a new game. We do not know if that will be changed or made easier for the full release, but for now there is a lot of tinkering present, and trying to get to know how things should be done for you to be successful.

Sweet Transit is available on Steam for 21,99 EUR, and the price might rise at its full release, so you better grab it quick, if you think it is something that you would be into.

Sweet Transit | Early Access Launch Trailer

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69 %
Review Summary Title Sweet Transit is still in its early Early Access state, and we are looking forward to see where the game is going with the upcoming updates. It is fairly challenging and may present difficulties playing to some people.
Overall Rating - 69 %