Sovereign Syndicate is an upcoming open world CRPG game by Crimson Herring Studios. As one of three available characters you will explore back alleys, brothels, and opium dens. In this Victorian steampunk role-playing game you will investigate and interact through branching stories that intertwine.

The game relies on a tarot card chance system and the non-player characters react to your gender, race, appearance, and choice of dialogue. With this system luck will play a major role, if you will want to get good results.

Your abilities will improve by the skills you will use, while the ones you do not will make them stagnate – it is up to you which skills you will want to master. Learning more about the world and its inhabitants will unlock special dialogues and skill-check options.

Sovereign Syndicate will offer a large open world for your exploring, set in a steampunk fantasy-inspired Victorian London. It will be full of intriguing characters and places to explore, like back alleys, opium dens, and brothels to name a few. You will be investigating and interacting all while discovering you own journey.

All of the three characters have their own stories that intertwine between them and unravel based on the choices you will make. The three characters are Atticus Daley, who is a drug-infused orphaned Minotaur magician, Clara Reed – a rebellious corsair, and Otto, an automaton and companion of engineer Theodore Redgrave. All characters have own mixes of skills, equipment and expertise, so they have to work together in order to succeed.

To sum it up, Sovereign Syndicate will offer an intriguing open world with twenty different locations, three playable characters with three intertwined stories, a branching narrative and dialogue system. The characters will be customisable and there will be an optional Hardcore mode we kind of do not want to experience. Just kidding.