Scathe is an upcoming bloody first-person shooter that is developed by Damage State and will be published on the 31st of August by Kwalee.

It is an intense first-person shooter with big guns and even bigger demons. You will take on the role of Scathe, Enforcer of the Legions of Hell, and navigate through a hellish maze that is filled with evil on every step you will take. You will be using Scathe’s strength and speed to defeat deadly demons on your way of collecting Hellstones all while conquering the Guardians that protect them.

The premise of the game is simple, as you need to collect Hellstones and escape the labyrinth you are put in. You are able to go your own path through the zones that are full of danger any place you will head to. You will be collecting runes, reveal secrets and, most importantly, crush everything that will stand on your path.

The speciality of Scathe is that it is not your regular first-person shooter, as it has bullet-hell features to it. Encounters with the demons will be full of various projectiles that you will need to avoid using your extreme speed. Ploughing through enemies and their bullets will be a joy. Scathe’s arsenal is varied and each of the weapons features a secondary fire option.

Next to weapons there are also spells available, which you will find while traversing through the underground in the shape of ancient relics. Seizing the powers of the Fallen Mages will render you even more unstoppable, as you will be able to heal yourself and summon aid on your way of defeating hordes of monsters in Hell.

Scathe will also feature full online multiplayer that will support cross-play through different platforms, so you will be able to play with friends no matter on what console they will own the game. The multiplayer will be drop-in – drop-out so you will be able to join and leave a session any time you will want to. Everyone of you and up to three more players will share the same pool of lives, though, so make sure you will be playing with the best calibre of gamers.

We are totally psyched for the full version of Scathe, so we cannot wait till the end of August which will arrive after a few sleeping sessions. It is a very promising title with fun retro FPS mechanics.

Scathe | PC Release Date Trailer