Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost Haven is an upcoming action role-playing game that is being developed by Stormind Games and will be published by Team17 this autumn. In it you will head on an adventure to save Earth by grasping the powers of Sun and the Moon. There will be lots of exploring the sci-fi worlds and solving unique puzzles on your way.

Batora: Lost Haven will contain a choice-driven story in which you will assume the role of Avril, whose home-world suffered almost complete destruction. She has been gifted with powers and will traverse across the universe where she will discover ancient secrets and deal with plenty of life-changing paths.

You will be exploring lots of unique alien planets and discovering Avril’s abilities on your way of perfecting various combat styles. With them you will need to defeat plenty deadly opponents, solve different puzzles, and complete quests that will be dealt from curious inhabitants of the planets. Each choice on your journey will shape the story and decide the way you will complete the final mission.

Batora: Lost Haven is filled with action, adventuring and exploring through alien planets where you will meet plenty of unique characters and decipher the planets’ secrets. You will possess powers of Sun and the Moon and with them you will need to defeat various challenges that await you and defeating various deadly enemies.

Its story is being crafted through the choices you make and there will be multiple endings available. Your choices will forge the outcome of the universe and its inhabitants. All of your actions will have consequences, as you will be writing an epic story while playing through the game. The combat is fast-paced and your encounters will be against multiple creatures and other enemies.

Game’s graphics and art direction are retro but still modern, and quite an eye-candy. The lands are colourful yet various and feature hand-painted visuals that were inspired by 1950s retro science fiction.

Batora: Lost Haven seems like a more than solid action role-playing game with helluva lot of action, nice puzzles, gorgeous graphics and great presentation. It is built from frenetic twin-stick action, exploration of various dangerous landscapes across the planets, and catering to the story based by your own decisions. We are looking forward for its release and so should you!

Batora: Lost Haven | Story Trailer