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Madshot is an Early Access title that is being developed by Overflow and is published by HOOK. It was made available on Steam on the 9th of June 2022. It is a fast-paced rogue-lite shooter in which you will fight through various monsters and different boss battles.

The developers want to create a game that will please all roguelite fans, that is why they decided to put it in Early Access first. They plan to make the experience better by communicating with the community and receiving feedback about it. Overflow will keep the game in its Early Access state for several months and during it they will be adding new features, weapons, items, and fixing bugs.

Current state of the game represents around half of the final content, with core mechanics already present. Until completing they will add more playable areas, unique enemies, minibosses, bosses and upgrades. There are four out of seven zones available, but they plan to rebalance them in upcoming updates.

The world of Madshot is all procedurally generated and also features handcrafted levels. By exploring the map you will have to decide which path is best for your current build. You will be exploring and uncovering secrets to gain information and power to survive in a lovecraftian wasteland of Madshot.

Available are various weapons and masks with which you are able to change your playstyle and find the one most suitable to your liking. You are able to customise your playthrough with multiple upgrade combinations. Find the ones that are best for fighting through hordes of monsters and surviving multi-phased boss battles.

As already mentioned, the world will change as you will progress through areas, which makes the game highly replayable. Each of the replays will feature new things that you have not seen before, so be ready to get surprised.

The combat is already polished enough to enjoy a handful of hours of Madshot, so is the platforming that is done pretty well. The four zones that are currently available will each take you around fifteen minutes to complete, which means about an hour of pure rogue-lite gameplay. The game is fun and the zones are procedurally generated so you will be in for something new in each of your playthroughs.

Madshot is available in Early Access on Steam for 19,99 EUR.

Madshot – Early Access Launch Trailer

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80 %
Review Summary Title Madshot is already a pretty good rogue-lite title that features plenty of… features. Still, we are looking forward to new updates that will most probably make the game better.
Overall Rating - 80 %