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Gravewood High Free Multiplayer Out Today

HeroCraft PC is horrified to announce that Gravewood High (Steam) opens its doors to a horde of new students. Explore the creepy school with your friends in the free multiplayer update, launching today!

Gravewood High – Multiplayer Teaser

Play with up to five of your friends in Gravewood High‘s free multiplayer mode as you try to survive the monstrous Mr. Hyde. Meet the teacher with reworked AI who tracks you down, sets traps, and searches for all of the players within seemingly safe corners of the school.

Key features:

  • Work with your friends to find a way out of the school, or betray them and escape the school alone. 
  • Earn unique titles after each round, which will affect your reputation.
  • Reworked school map with unique rooms, a gym, and locker rooms. 
  • New puzzles and challenges for multiplayer: a school disco, a ventilation system with circular saws, and many more fun facilities.

The game is developed and published by HeroCraft PC and was originally released into Early Access with a single-player campaign for PC on 20 October, 2021. The team will continue developing both the single player campaign and the multiplayer mode in the next updates.

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