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Battle Bands: Rock & Roll Deckbuilder

Battle Bands: Rock & Roll Deckbuilder is a roguelike deck-building card game from Aerie Digital, and it is in Steam Early Access version since the 17th of March. It is set in a fictional city called Riff City. In it you will be getting the band together and play with friends or AI in real-time tournaments.

Aerie Digital decided for Early Access since they think that working together with players will create a better experience by collecting feedback from them. They are planning to have the game in Early Access for no more than twelve months before moving to final release.

The final release will offer a more polished and balanced experience. Band gear options and card decks will be extended, while the game will also have more bosses present. They will feature additional contents for character and van customisations.

Current state of the game offers all core features and two complete game modes – Royale Mode, where you can create or join a band with other players and compete in a 64-band online tournament, and Tour Mode, where your band travels through Riff City and battles bosses in a roguelike campaign. Each tournament in Royale Mode takes around an hour to finish, and most of them consist of AI bands. In Tour Mode there are four instruments in the game – those being guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards – and each of them features a unique card deck.

Battle Bands already features hundreds of cards to play with, with a lot of them being customised to each instrument, which makes each deck unique. You will be unlocking new cards as you will be playing, which will offer additional customisability of the decks. You are able to pick your clothes, gear, van and rocker in hundreds of different combinations.

You are able to play the game together with three more friends, each controlling one of the four band members. As said, each of them has an own deck of cards for the role he represents in the band. The battles you will undertake are quite a fun experience to be had, with a lot of tactics being present in the gameplay.

Battle Bands: Rock & Roll Deckbuilder is available on Steam for 14,99 EUR. Get it soon, since the developers plan to increase the price as the game evolves.

Battle Bands – Early Access Release Trailer (Official)

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85 %
Review Summary Title Battle Bands: Rock & Roll Deckbuilder is a unique deck-building game that offers multiplayer features. Get it if you have friends to play it with, as you will have a blast rocking through it.
Overall Rating - 85 %