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Diplomacy is Not an Option

Diplomacy is Not an Option was released on Steam as an Early Access title on the 9th of February. It is a strategy game by Door 407 that will be fully released in 2022.

In Early Access the developers plan to finish the campaign mode and add missions with new units and buildings. The user interface and control mechanics will also be updating through the process. The Early Access version currently includes the first two missions and three endless maps with some buildings and units.

In Diplomacy is Not an Option you take on the role of a minor Lord who is forced to battle with superior enemy forces. You will be experiencing warfare on a big scale as over ten thousand enemies will attack your castle walls. Good placement of your defences will play a crucial role to surviving, so you will have to take an active role in combat to take the most from the battles that await you.

Diplomacy is Not an Option serves us a good tutorial, where everything you need to know about the gameplay and building is thoroughly explained. You will be building houses to grow your population, barracks to create your soldiers, and also hospitals to cure the sick folk and cemeteries to bury the deceased.

Besides battling you will also need to take care of food inventories, as it can become scarce and your units can starve during battles. You will also need to protect homes, manage diseases and bury your fallen ones. Not being able to fulfil these demands will result in dealing with a plague that will leave your buildings not protected enough.

Taking care of the food, wood, stone, iron, and gold supplies will also matter a lot, as you will have to gather and storage them with care, all while planning on your expansions and upgrades. You are also available to trade goods with merchants, with the ones you need the most at the given moment.

The maps are procedurally generated and the Endless Mode allows you complete access to the tech tree, so you can go big early. You are able to play the game the way you want to, while the Campaign mode will be presented with different challenges. Everything is pretty challenging at this moment, and we are looking forward to see what the complete game will bring.

Diplomacy is Not an Option is available on Steam Early Access for 20,99 EUR. The price will increase with its final release, so make sure you grab it at a lower price.

Diplomacy is Not an Option. Early Access gameplay teaser

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78 %
Review Summary Title Diplomacy is Not an Option is still early in development, but it already offers some of the content. If it feels like something you might like, buy it early and save some money on it.
Overall Rating - 78 %